Fall Wardrobe Wishlist

August 27, 2014

As much as I anticipate spring and summer every year with their colorful prints, flowy skirts and quirky, dainty sandals, I just can’t wait for fall! There are just so many things that can only be experienced around that season, be it the colorful foliage, the crispiness of the mornings, early sunsets or snuggling with a hot coffee drink (which for me is the case mostly regardless of the season). But most of all, I just love fall for its fashion. To me, it can just be so much more creative, even without the abundance of the colors. There is something special about flipping the fashion magazines and getting inspired to shop for new chunky wool and soft cashmere sweaters, tights, coats, scarfs, jackets, wool hats and of course, boots. Let me just put it this way. I live in Southern California where according to all of my out-of-state friends, we don’t even get the chance to wear anything but flip flops and shorts. That is not the case at all, though. We do get the chance to wear jackets, boots, coats and accessories in the evening as the warm California days turn just chilly enough once fall arrives. It’s a good thing, too. Otherwise I don’t know what I would have done with my collection of boots and booties – they literally take half of my shoe closet! I know they are not as practical as the rest of the shoes, but everybody has their own favorites. I’ve put together a little wish list from several online stores for things that I currently have my eye on to add to my fall wardrobe. Now is a great time to start looking since many stores are having sales or will be adding more discounts on both past and new collections due to the Labor Day Holidays.

Ultimate Fall Wishlist,Fall Wardrobe Wishlist

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